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AUTHENTICNESS – Coaching inspired by Art




Coaching & Creative Seminars

Practice and solution-oriented personality development
inspired by art and design
Creative seminars

Creativity offers an ideal and experience-oriented environment for the development of the personality. In the creative seminars new experiences can be made individually and as a team, and new solutions can be tried out. The setting, purposely different from our professional and everyday life allows for a safe realm of experience, in which we can enjoy with detachment from any current problems. This impulse promotes fresh and authentic approaches and enables a noticeable enhancement of our self-confidence. The advantage: The abilities and solutions developed here are confirmed by positive feelings and anchored in the brain so they can then be applied to the working environment and in daily life. This transfer of learning is the intended objective at the events.
The creative seminars are for groups of up to 8 people as in-house training courses, and include topics such as: solution-oriented action, efficiency, motivation, team spirit, trusting collaboration, willingness to cooperate, team development, reflection, self-image / external image, reorientation and restructuring. The benefit of personality development is the broadening of horizons, changes as chances, to feel fit for new challenges, as well as to understand self and others better.

Creativity is a way to recognise ourselves, to realise our potential.
Our inner world of thoughts, ideas and emotions is a resource that we can effectually use to our benefit.


Are you suffering from stress, lack of drive, overload, indecisiveness, deprivation, uprooting, identity crisis, lack of concentration or fear of change? It does not have to stay that way! Creativity enables us to have positive “think-out-of-the-box” experiences that we can incorporate into our lives. Coaching helps and offers individual ways to find answers.
We, ourselves, are the centre of our lives – as an individual with a body, soul and spirit. Making us aware of who we are and what potentials can be strengthened is very important. It is in our own hands to positively influence our future. Through creative methods, hidden aspects can be brought to the surface and recognised. With the help of art, we literally put our thoughts on paper, giving the modelling mass a shape. Thus, the unspoken becomes visible, tangible and comprehensible. Coaching enables focused and accurate solution finding paths.

Today everything is moving and changing faster than ever! Take a moment to rest instead of being just a cog in the machine – trust your intuition, listen carefully to your own feelings, develop creative solutions, prepare well for the next task that is waiting for you. That’s it!

AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S – with creativity to authenticity



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