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What makes me happy and content?
Implementing ideas!

Having ideas is one thing but implementing them is another. Experiencing the creative process of creation is fantastic and doing it with others is fulfilling. That is why I like to work as a lecturer and coach, patiently showing necessary techniques, teaching the tools of the trade and listening to everyone. We decide for ourselves, actively paint our own ideas and invest time, energy and passion until the once vague idea becomes a reality. In the end we hold the piece in our own hands.

What drives me is bringing to light the slumbering resources in each one of us and drawing new strength from them. – 
We can achieve so much more than we think we can. Now is the right time to get going: For only they who start in the first place can arrive at a new destination.

According to the motto: Every dream palace also needs a gifted gardener!
Our ideas can reach far into the universe, but we should continue to keep our feet firmly on the ground. Without these two poles being brought into line with each other, there would never have been the Apollo program and a manned rocket to the moon. Think big and find solutions so that implementation is a success: this connection between imagination and realisation leads to significant results.


Anke Niemeyer
Art // Design // Lecturer

* As a child born in the 70s in Bergisch Gladbach I grew up in the pretty rolling hills of Bergisches Land

* As a girl in the 80s, I spent my time after school with drawing, painting, pottery, crocheting, knitting, sewing, photographing, arts and crafts, writing, picking flowers, hiking and cycling;
Achieved 1st place at the International Young Peoples Painting Competition, “Love Animals – Protect Animals”

* As an adolescent created and sewed my own dress designs in the 90s; received classical training in portrait and nude drawing with Michael Grace, years of participation in a photo-study group and own darkroom with b / w development;
Achieved 1st place at the German Photographic Association for Young Photographers

* Studied as a student in the 90s at the University of Applied Sciences for Design in Pforzheim in the specialist field of fashion with the main artistic subjects of photography & drawing; own fashion show in Bergisch Gladbach “Fashion that has a story to tell” and in Cologne designed “dressing performance by nature” at the F.U.T.U.R.E.
Achieved 1st place at the International Fashion Award “Fascination In Nature”

* As a qualified designer and recognised artist, independent since 1997 I have worked in the areas of photography, public relations, fashion and costume design at home and abroad (Asia, Egypt, Greece, Croatia, Austria); e.g. for theater art, Maria Lucas, Cirque du Soleil, eco-education, AWO education, SK foundation culture, IFS International Film School Cologne

* As a globetrotter speaking three languages and travelling through 30 countries bringing home countless photographs, sketches, poems and sound recordings of unusual birds and sounds of nature

* As owner and lecturer of the ATELIERSCHULE in Cologne from 2010 – 2016; developed a curriculum and didactics for creative potential development. Seminar program for individual advancement in the artistic field of photography, fashion design and drawing.

My artistic portfolio with works from the last 25 years can be seen here >>