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Be yourself! Be authentic!

Activate your resources!

Who are we? Who do we want to be? What we have outwardly become is to a large extent the result of education and adaptation to social norms. Initially this brings many advantages in our normal life. Sometimes, however, personal strengths remain unused. The challenge is to activate them, e.g. When life comes to a kind of dead end, it seems boring or senseless – at the very latest with burnout. Then we ask ourselves what we can do. The sunny side of life appears again thanks to activated resources. Step by step and in a regulated way our authenticity unfolds, holding an enormous positive force.

It is not so much about either – or, majestic tiger or cute little bird – but about authentic aspects that enrich us as an individual. No one wants to appear like a bulldozer, or constantly keep playing the frightened little mouse.

Actively take your life into your own hands!

What do we pay attention to? What do we subconsciously block out? What do we really like?
“In my many years as a designer and lecturer, I found that it is easier for most people to say what they do not like. The question of what something should look like, if we were able to make a wish, was mostly followed by silence.”

This is how today’s concept came about, to make the creative process visible for everyone – “Learning to appreciate one’s own standards from harmony to disharmony, to be creative, based on our own aesthetic feeling and imagination. Bringing our ideas into being and working with our own hands.”

“Even if in the beginning, silence often prevailed, I have over many years experienced that we are all capable of changing this. It is noticeable that education does not play a role. Learning through manageable projects and manual creative activity, we develop considerable skills. This approach fosters personal strengths and makes us feel that we have the power to shape, determine, and guide our lives. The pride we feel when finally hold success in our hands, in the truest sense of the word, makes a lasting impression on us. The self-confidence, the happiness and joy in the eyes – that is fantastic!”

The positive impulses that we experience in creative design foster our personal perception, bring authentic ideas to the surface and are transferable into everyday life and professional life. This process of experience opens up new perspectives without the need for an artistic education or aptitude.

Philosophy AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S
The power of authenticity

AUTHENTIC – Diversity and Authenticity

The diversity amongst humans is very precious. To perceive this as an asset, to encourage and integrate entails enormous potential. Self-reflection allows us to have understanding and patient with ourselves and others. To be authentic and thus well grounded, leads to excellent results.

NATURE – Role model and Beauty

Study of nature shows us how shape and function form a harmonious connection – the basis of every design. The attempt to imitate this natural principle artistically sharpens our senses. The verve, to refine our techniques to achieve the necessary precision, carries us further than ever imagined. The concentrated observation and creative work anchors us in the here and now.

ECONOMY – Money and Trade

Our human motivation to work and trade comes from the basic needs of clean water, healthy food, a roof over our heads and peace and safety for our self and our family. Thus, an activity or a product from a different perspective can be problematic for us personally. Extensive knowledge and mutual understanding can lead us towards making balanced decisions and to finding sustainable solutions.

SOCIETY – Society and Culture

Our personality is characterised by the society in which we live and the zeitgeist. On top of this is the exchange and communication with other cultures, ideas and ways of life. Globally speaking, words, symbols and colours may be the same, but are interpreted in the context of influence, origin and history. Seeing oneself and others with understanding eyes expands all horizons.

SELF-EXPRESSION – Personality and Creativity

In our everyday life there are various projection areas in which to express ourselves, e.g. the way we speak, our choice of clothing, lifestyle, diet, work, our circle of friends and art and culture. Parallel to work and private life, art offers us a space that is free of judgment and prescribed goals. This is the basis for creativity, experimentation, developing of the senses and an increase of perception. Authentic self-development allows us to reflect, recognise and utilise our potential.

Authenticity Development – Advantages and Objectives

We are an active part of the group, are positive and involved with self-confidence in open thought exchange. Our resources can be recognised and used in an optimal way. Our increased perception allows us to deal more consciously with our fellow human beings and leads to attentive communication. Listening to one another and understanding brings team spirit to the team, more commitment and work is done more efficiently.




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