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Create your way! Go for success!

In the creative seminars and by coaching, art comes into practical use: drawing, painting, shaping, photographing or even sewing. The different characters and qualities of the materials offer a wide range of sensory experiences. Creativity combined with the activation of the senses and concentration on the here and now promote the integral development of the personality.
 To try new things is to learn new skills, trying things out, practice, experiment, overcome obstacles and be patient with ourselves. When we manage this, we experience the happy moment of holding our idea in our hands and of being proud of ourselves! With the newly acquired skills, our understanding our self-knowledge and our self-confidence are growing. In order to make this productive and efficient process tangible and also to ourselves, and to transfer this to our lives and work, I would like to offer the AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminars.

When we invest time in ourselves we move on and develop further! 
New experiences bring back momentum and make people’s eyes light up.
 So, be brave, try something new! Here we go!


Make a mark!

Even in this digital age, a pen and paper are available in every office. Okay, sounds old fashioned, but it is very efficient: visualising ideas, sketching possibilities, drawing different possibilities. Concise drawings can package together the contents of meetings and discussions. Expressive drawings summarise topics clearly, bring an overview of the arguments and possible solutions become visible. Tools such as mind maps can successfully attract the attention of the participants through practiced quick sketches.

To be able to express ourselves through drawing, without having completed an art degree: AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminars offer expert tips and many practical tricks.

Materials used, such as: pencils, pens, crayons, markers, charcoal … or digital on the tablet computer and smartphone

The “Sketch-it” seminar: creativity improves team communication


Sculpting and modelling
Make an impression!

We have all the imaginative films of Wallace & Gromit in mind and the wide variety of what you can express with a bit of moulding material: a whole new world. Be honest, what does our world look like? It is exciting to see what joy arises when we shape something with our hands, how many ideas arise, how much exploratory spirit and new courage is awoken. We learn to trust in our strengths and to give free rein to our own work. Even if it does not turn out as desired, we can return to the initial ball of material and start again. The material allows everything and this freedom has a positive effect on our entire system right up to our everyday and working life.

The AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar includes both professional guidance to create successful shapes and figures as well as artistically assisted support in the realisation of individual ideas. Having fun is the best way to learn!

Materials used are: plasticine, clay, modelling clay…

The “Impress-yourself” seminar: creativity strengthens self-confidencekneading_authenticness


Taking photographs
Visualise the world through pictures!

We are flooded by images and an inconceivable amount of data, and this shapes our digital age today. Retaining an overview and having the ability to pluck the essence out of the excess is an art in its self. We can be successful when we are able to focus on the essentials. This can be done using the medium photography. Which photographic detail gets to the heart of the matter? What aspects can be left in the background, and which must definitely be in focus? This is an exciting encounter the ways in which we perceive our environment, training our gaze and keeping our mind and spirit flexible despite the complexity.

The AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar 

will be accompanied by expert instructions for creative photography combined with interesting tasks, so that even without any prior knowledge we will be fully satisfied.

The following are used: camera function on the smartphone or compact, SLR camera.

The “Picture-it” seminar: creativity boosts concentration



Bring a dash of colour to life!

Now colour is coming! Immersion in the world of colour fulfills us and offers room alongside everyday life. Try new things, feel the effects, experiment, and observe what happens: This allows us to drop anchor in the here and now. We are concentrating on that which is coming into being right in front of us and on that which we ourselves are creating. Flowing movements create a dynamic momentum that like much in life, we can learn and practice. The creative process allows us to combine movement and change with positive feelings. This experience can help us to develop more self-confidence and make us fit and ready for new challenges.

Motivating tasks with helpful instructions for creative implementation offer a safe environment parallel to the working world. The AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar brings courage and a breath of fresh air.

Materials used: ink, water colour, pastel etc…

The “Dynamic-mood” seminar: creativity makes us fit and ready for changedrawing_authenticness


Fashion design
Follow the thread to get to the heart of the matter!

Here creativity and decision-making skills are required, which material, which colour, which form and how should it look in the end? Next we have concept development, trial and error and then optimisation. Sometimes a roundabout way leads to the desired success. Extra steps bring with them patience and knowledge. We use a needle and thread and stitch the pieces together to shape the big picture. You don’t have to be an expert to join in. The first steps are easy to learn and then after that things just fall into place.

Techniques are taught professionally and creative aspects are explained in detail. Thus, the AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar offers a combination of craftsmanship and artistic activity with the aim of positively anchoring decision processes and then transferring the experiences to the working world.

The following can be used: scissors, pins, sewing and embroidery needles … or sewing machines.

The “Realise-it” seminar: With creativity to results

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