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point_authenticnessThe “Sketch-it” seminar
Creativity improves team communication
How do we draw a term? Learn to reduce to the essentials.
How does a person emerge from just a few lines? This way, things are much easier to present.
How do we sketch a facial emotion? Skillfully address the audience.
How do colours work? Selectively apply signal colours.
How does our culture change the way a picture is interpreted? Develop understanding.

… and off you go with sketching !!!


point_authenticnessThe “Impress-yourself” seminar

Creativity brings new courage and joie de vivre
How do we form a uniformly shaped ball? Learn how to handle the material with sureness.
Which colours do we combine? Colours can appear harmonious, dynamic or imaginative.
How can we easily form animals and people? A variety of images allows us to express ourselves more clearly.
How do figures relate to each another in a given space? Acquire a feeling for relationships.
How do we express ideas? Understand the effects of colour and shape.
… and now let’s get kneading and shaping!!!


point_authenticnessThe  “Picture-it” seminar
Creativity boosts concentration
How do we take impressive photos? Find motifs and set the scene.
How do colours work? Perceive signal colours and position them perfectly.
How can a motif be dynamic? Skillfully fit a suitable frame perfectly.
How do we make an opinion? Check the symbolic content of the motif from different views.
How do we shape an overall picture? Create a clear goal from individual parts.
… und click! Photo!!!


point_authenticnessThe “Dynamic-mood” seminar
Creativity makes us fit and ready for change
How do we use paint and brushes? Practice movements and adjust pressure.
Where do we start with a blank sheet of paper? Purposefully plan and plan with courage.
How do colours work? Learn about the practice and theory of colouring.
What can we express through shapes? Round, square or amorphous activate different realms of the mind when thinking and evaluating.
… and now let’s paint!!!


point_authenticnessThe “Realise-it” seminar
With creativity to results
How do we design a product? Find ideas through sketching.
How do we sew? Learn basic techniques to connect materials together.
How do haptic structures work? Sensitisation of visual and tactile senses.
How do we use specific colours? Understand the effects of colour.
How do we connect the individual steps? Optimise time and use resources
… go, go, go!!!


point_authenticnessCONTEMPLATIVE SPECIAL: The “Focus-yourself” seminar
With creativity to mindfulness
How do we focus the mind? Concentration exercises through drawing
How do we remain clear and committed? Creative techniques to prevent distraction
How do we focus our consciousness? Give the idea full attention
How do we strengthen observation skills? Conscious perception of facts and feelings
How do we nourish serenity and balance? Creative approaches to dealing with unforeseen things
… with heart and mind, feel the flow!


point_authenticnessINNOVATIVE SPECIAL: The My-idea” seminar
Creative concept development
How do we sketch? Brainstorming and ascertainment through drawings.
How do we have a go at 3D shapes? Forming with paper, modelling clay and / or fabric.
How do colours work? Practical exercises for colour selection.
How do we create a kind of moodboard? Clearly define product, use and target group.
How do we calculate earnings, expenses, costs and profit? Calculation examples for success.
… now, your start-up!!!




THE SEMINAR COURSE OF EVENTS: All your questions have creative answers!

It’s a challenge for everyone and everyone receives support and encouragement!
Shaping things with our own hands transforms our thoughts and feelings into vivid and tangible results. The insights gained from this lead to a more conscious perception. Thinking and acting are once again experienced as one. An action results in a direct result. This experience-oriented learning opens up and allows room to develop new strategies.

Your company-relevant themes will be integrated into the seminar so that the event achieves the desired success. Here are a few examples of customer requests and creative approaches:

  •  Stress! Too much going on! Where to start?
    Let’s try a new direction! Sketch your thoughts, lay them out, sort them and gain an overview. >> AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar „Sketch-it“
  •  Where am I right now? Where is my goal?
    Develop self-knowledge and motivation through creativity. Visualise possibilities with plasticine. >> AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar „Impress-yourself“
  •  A flood of information! What is important and deserves priority?
    Gain an overview and focus on the essentials without being distracted. The smartphone is anyway at hand, so use the camera function to get to the heart of the matter. >> AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar „Picture-it“
  •  Restructuring is a threat! How do I deal with the changes?
    Art knows no boundaries and allows you to expand yourself: Work with courage on the blank sheet of paper and get off to a good start. >> AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar „Dynamic-mood“
  •  Others decide! How do I actively participate?
    Develop an understanding of an overall process – with the help of a small project, where we can assess the impact, eg during sewing. Step by step or stitch by stitch to the goal. >> AUTHENTIC*N*E*S*S seminar „Realise-it“

Handling of the creative material is in principle presented by practical examples. Everyone can watch, take on the varying approaches and have a go. This enables new techniques to be learned quickly. Practice everything, try things out and get more tips. Professional tricks often make things much easier than expected!

Tailor-made to fit your team size and precisely fitting your goals and your time!


    • Urgent themes? Requests? Action required?

    • Exclusive individual training, teambuilding or incentive event?
    • In-house training, seminar house or outdoor?
    • How many people?
    • ½, 1 or 2 days?

BENEFIT: Seminars pay off twice!

++ Company-sponsored training is perceived as a reward
++ The appraisal of employees reduces cost-intensive medical care
++ Seminars bring the team closer together and cohesion creates efficiency and effectiveness
++ Motivated people are more committed and try harder, bringing success to the entire company
++ Investing in the satisfaction of our own people is a healthy foundation for the future

Join in the success of your team by enabling participation – it will pay off for you!



When things don’t work out as planned then there is always professional help. Stress, lack of drive and motivation, excessive demands, indecisiveness, despondency, rootlessness, an identity crisis or fear of change? To get back on track requires a few “think-out-of-the-box” ideas, a sufficient number can be found here in a creative environment. 
Courage to change?! Wouldn’t it be great to learn more about ourselves and at the same time develop understanding for others? What if this authenticity development would also promise success, use resources that lie dormant and arouse our potential? How about starting the day full of energy? Are you looking for an opportunity or have you already given up on yourself?

Energise yourself

Individual – Creative – Make progress!

    • For visible and permanent results 8 – 12 hours in 3 months are recommended

    • Duration, time, day as well as creative means are attuned individually to your needs
    • Individual appointments take place in my Cologne studio or at the place of your choice

    • From 75 € per hour for direct payers and offers for corporate customers


The development of your potential is very important to me

I would be very pleeased to provide you with an offer tailored to your needs.

For a personal consultation, please call me on +49(0) 160 6230804.
By email, please send any questions and requests to info(at)authenticness.de. 
I would be happy to call you back to quickly clarify any open questions and details.

Anke Niemeyer – Your personal coach for authenticity development